Minutes of Community Council Meeting of 18th May 2009 held in Teviothead Village Hall at 7.30 pm.


Present: Community Councillors: Francombe (Chair), Templeman (Vice), Kirkpatrick, Hindmarsh, Wilson, Friell, Robson and. Douglas.


In Attendance: SBC Cllrs Turnbull & Smith, Mr Godfrey (Sec), Lady Encombe and Mr Plumbe BWCDT.




PC Murray, SBC Cllr Paterson, CCllr Pennington and Mrs MacMillan (Treasurer).




The Secretary advised in the absence of PC Murray that there were no noteworthy incidents or matters of concern within the constituency and asked for any points for the police.  Congestion on the road leading out of Roberton Village, caused by parked vehicles along the route, was creating problems.




 The minutes were passed as read.  Proposed by CCllr Templeman and seconded by CCllr Friell.




The Chairman had received an email from SBC Cllr Smith and this was discussed at some length beginning with aspects of road closures and accidents following on to education of children.  The problems of extra curriculum teaching for a number of children who have fallen behind in their education were considered. It was agreed that this matter would need to be followed up.  The merits of some schools and the ares they covered were also discussed. 

There was a suggestion that the Borthwick Water Community Development Trust may be placed on the agenda in future. Mr Plumbe the Chairman of the Trust rejected this idea.

The public telephone box at Craik is to remain operational however it will continue as a ‘card phone’ only system.




There is currently heavy engineering ongoing in the area of Craik-Gair Bridge.  The Ettrick and Borthwick Water stages of the internal forest highway are under construction. The Timber Transport meetings are now to be six monthly.




There had been a meeting on 17th March 2009 with representatives of the power company (the wind farm element still known as Airtricity).  No answers were given however; the next meeting will be in June 2009.  It was pointed out that Airtricity had preferred to meet in August but in the end this was not agreed.   It may be nearer April 2010 before agreements would be drawn up.  Susanna Harvey represents the three sub-committees of the CC’s who are all in agreement and recognise the need to continue pursuing the issue to obtain the best possible deal.  The Scottish Communities Foundation was also involved in the proceedings and there has been major progress since March.




Cllr Turnbull spoke about Human Resources, the Fire Service and a charity event in London, the Scrutiny Board and finally about the demise of several Community Councils in the SBC area and the difficulties this would lead to.  Clare Malster of SBC was the point of contact with regard to CC’s. Cllr Smith spoke about his work for tourism in the Borders and pointed out the importance of networking over the individual effort within the industry.

A recent spate of planning applications around the Stobs-Newmill area of Slitrig water has required a considerable amount of time for those involved to reach conclusions.  The SBC Cllrs who represent the area are all against over development of this valley especially as it is a SEPA declared flood plain and a sensitive ecological terrain.  There was further discussion concerning the remoteness of sites and difficulties from lack of services and access.

A question was raised over the opening dates and times for the public facilities at Teviothead.  It had been open at Easter but was closed now, possibly due to vandalism.




The minutes for a meeting held two weeks ago are not yet out, therefore there was nothing to report until the next meeting of the CC.




The Secretary announced the result of the applications for consideration of Community Councillorship which closed at 12 noon on Monday 18th May 2009 - Julia Templeman, Robert Francombe, Walter Douglas, Ann Pennington, Ian Robson, June Wilson and Daniele Friell. One other applicant had to withdraw at the very last moment due to a temporary setback but wishes to apply for co-option on to the CC as soon as present circumstances allow. Before the next meeting (AGM & Bi-monthly) the CC will need to recruit a Treasurer.  The Chairman asked the CCllrs to forward any suggestions sooner rather than later and all the applicants are congratulated as being successful.


SBC P/A Change of site for Racing Stables, Newmill, Slitrig Water

SBC P/A House, Roberton

SBC P/A Borthwickshiels, House

SBC National Model CC Scheme/Const.

ASCC Membership Renewal

Letter Lady Encombe, Colis Linn

SBC Floral Gateway competition

Queensway Shelters brochure

Halcrow Planning Guidance on Green Space

P/A Woodfoot Cottage approval conditions

SBC Meetings (Pinks)

Area Committee Meetings (Whites)


SBC Planning & Building Standards Forum

SB Local Small Schemes 09/10

SBC C Network News

SP John Lamont MSP – Town Centre Regeneration Fund

SBC A699 Road Closure


Scottish Natural Heritage

SB Connect

SB Rangers Service, Harestanes


Date Protection Act Registration

CC Insurance Cover

Borders news

SBC Hire of Meeting Rooms

SBC Licensing Board Consultation.

SES Plan Consult.


10.  Date of Future Meetings


The next meeting will be the AGM followed immediately by the bi-monthly meeting to be held in Roberton Hall on Monday 6th July 2009 commencing with the AGM at 7.00pm.