Welcome to the Borthwick Valley, a very scenic place.  With the river Borthwick at our side every twist in the road gives us a different view as we travel up the valley from the A7 at Martin's Bridge.

Habitation goes back many years; there is still evidence of Roman occupation and various earlier settlements.  The Scotts of Harden were notorious cattle rustlers and Lord Polworth and family still live there today. The Borthwick Valley is a popular place to live and visit, the forest walks and cycle tracks in Craik at the "Water heids" is a good place to get away from it all, where you can also view a variety of  wildlife, including many different species of birds, red squirrels badgers etc. from a hideout in the Policy Wood.

Farming is the main industry, and Forestry is a close second, and a number of people commute to work out with the valley.  The Forman Hall in Roberton holds many social activities, including the Women's Rural Institute, the Carpet Bowling, Dances and get togethers.  We have a good community spirit which often comes together, one of the events being the annual Agricultural and Horticultural Show held on the first Saturday in September.

All in all the Borthwick Valley is a very peaceful and friendly place to live and the locals pull together when the occasion arises.